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We give some tips on how to increase or decrease your deck power level.

BREAKING NEWS - 7.1 magnitude earthquake reported near Los Angeles - KABC News Coverage

Then we finish with a AnLQuestion from Jeremy Episode The Commander Smiths have a spotlight deck based around the Adventure mechanic and then we have a Commander Breakdown on some other Commanders and what kind of potential can be had with the decks. Adam also will discuss his DollartoDuels idea. We also have a Fav. The Smith boys talk all thing Throne of Eldraine!

We discuss how the pre-release went, what our Top 10 Commander cards are and discuss a bit more on how the Collectors Box sold out in 2 hrs! Also AnLQuestions!

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Episode The Commander Smiths talk about cards to keep an eye on with standard rotations happening plus AnLQuestions! Episode Today we talk about the showcase packs and if they are worth the purchase or not along with our Fav.

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And we end the show with AnLQuestions Enjoy! The Commander Smiths talk about game play with the new Commander Decks that were just released. A ton of fun btw. Lowery has a spotlight deck with Marisi, Breaker of the Coil.

Earthquakes by Adam Marek

Episode The Commander Smiths have a spotlight with Savinne, the Chronoclasm along with a discussion on how they prepare for the fresh batch of Commanders that are coming out next week. Episode The Commander Smiths talk about all of the new cards from Commander ! We think there are a lot of fun cards here to play and we also had a random discussion recorded that we have in there for buying singles from stores. Trombley talks about his spotlight deck Kaalia of the Vast. We talk some game play.

Lowery was able to test out Golos, Yawgmoth and Kykawr! Adam tested Yarok. And we talk about the cards that have been spoiled thus far for commander Episode The Commander Smiths admit to getting trolled last week, Woops. We also discuss our personal Top 5 Creature cards for Commander. And finish off the episode with some Smith Specs. We state there is a Spotlight deck but that breakdown will have to be on next weeks episode.

Magical News has the Commander Smiths talking about the fall set and the new commander product that come out in August. We also had a spotlight deck for Yarok that Adam made but for some reason Lowery's audio dropped out and we will have to break the deck down next week.

You can still check out the deck list below on our link to tappedout. We also take a look into Oathbreaker and see what it can do. We finish off the episode with Smith Specs of the Week.

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A Word, Please: An apostrophe, single quote mark and double quote mark lead to a brain teaser

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A Word, Please: An apostrophe, single quote mark and double quote mark lead to a brain teaser

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