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Rising tides of revolution, rebellion, innovation and extremism may occur around this time.

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Fears and hopes can both be exaggerated in a volatile environment that might even spur natural disasters. Still, the point is not to run and hide during potentially dangerous times.

Capricorn Horoscope 2014

This is, rather, a period when minds awaken and ambitions are intensified to radically reshape our worlds. Being proactive is more likely to produce a desirable outcome than trying to duck this cosmic tsunami. Love may not flow very easily during this retrograde cycle. On January 31, however, sweet Venus stops in her tracks and will slowly start moving forward to take relationships, romance and resources in new directions.

Allowing these patterns to play out slowly will produce better results than leaping into liaisons, investing money or making personal judgments impulsively. On March 1, assertive Mars turns tail in diplomatic Libra, where it will be retrograde until May I believe this combination means that you will have little choice but to put your nose to the grindstone and work hard to succeed with your goals.

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Saturn will certainly give you the stamina and patience to get on top of any obstacles, or relationships dramas which the eclipse may throw in your path. The thing about a good Saturn transit like this, is that the extra effort you seem destined to expend, will be handsomely rewarded with stability, security, recognition and perhaps even promotion.

The October lunar eclipse , like the following two eclipses in , makes the testing square transit to your decan. Being a lunar eclipse, this one is going to add more pressure and tension to your inner emotional life. Your intimate relationships with partners and family may be strained, and you may not receive the support you wish. You will be expected to take on more of a leaderships or supportive role yourself, and you have it in you to do this.